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Keadex LogoCiao! My name is Giacomo, I'm an IT Architect,
and this is Keadex, my open source project.


Project lifecycle
Each project is born out of a need or idea, undergoes a meticulous process of experimentation and design, transitions through the coding phase, and ultimately evolves into a working solution.

Keadex is the project I created to share all those open source projects: "one project to rule them all".
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As an IT Architect, documenting projects is part of my job.

In open source projects like Keadex, documentation is very important to enable and promote collaboration without asking for a huge reverse engineering effort.

At a very high level, there are different types of documentation:

Operational docs logoOperationalOperational documentation focuses on the operation and maintenance of the software system in a production environment.
Functional docs logoFunctionalFunctional documentation describes the functionalities and features of the software from a user's perspective.
Architectural docs logoArchitecturalArchitectural documentation focuses on the high-level design and structure of the software, emphasizing the organization and interaction of its components.
Technical docs logoTechnicalTechnical documentation provides detailed information about the internal workings of the software, explaining how it achieves its functionality.

Keadex leverages on the C4 model appoach to document the projects architecture.

About me

Me and Rocky
Born in the 90s, I grew up in southern Italy surrounded by martial arts, anime, video games, and computers.

I fell in love with computer science when software was still distributed on floppy disks.

I started my career as a Mobile Developer when Android was just emerging. Later, I took on roles such as Web Developer, Backend Developer, Tech Lead, and IT Manager.

Today, I am an IT Architect with more than 10 years of experience in consulting companies and corporates.

Interested in knowing more about me?
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